Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost here!!!!

So I officially am leaving in a week for 4 months in Africa!  It's starting to feel real, yet at the same time is still surreal because this is something that I would have never imagined I would do until last spring.  And now it is already here, in just a few short days!  As of yet, nervousness hasn't hit, and probably won't until I'm on the flight or landing and it truly sinks in.  Rather, I am filled with excitement, not only about the fun experience, but about all that I will learn.  I am sure that I will learn a lot in my classes and gain a new perspective on many worldviews, but even more than that, I'm positive that I will grow in my relationship with Christ.  Going into this trip not knowing anyone and going to a new continent, I will have to depend on God in new ways as I will be thrown into situations that are completely beyond my control and comfort.  So until then, I'm making the most of my time with friends and family here in the states!