Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Times

So time here has begun to fly so much faster- as of today I only have 6 weeks left in Africa, and only 2 official weeks of class after this week. And the way classes work here, it is a much lighter course load, so I really only have one presentation and four big papers really left to do. That leaves us with not much else but making the most of the rest of our time here, which we fully intend to do. Four weeks from today we leave for a trip to Rwanda, thereby really ending our life here as we know it. So we plan on spending as much time with our Honors College friends as possible, in between all of their course work. But even on our own, we manage to have some fun. Last weekend we went white water rafting on the Nile, and a couple people even went bungee jumping. I have also spent the night at Chain, the orphanage I volunteer at twice and got to spend a lot of time talking with some of the older girls and playing games with the younger ones. So it has been good. And yet, already the good-bye’s will begin soon. Next week, I will go to Chain and TLM, a fellowship I joined for the semester, for the last times. And in the next couple of weeks, I will be visiting my Mukono home stay family to say good bye to them as well. But it has been a great time, and even as it seems so close to ending, it is still a little over a month to enjoy and continue to learn.

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  1. Hi Amanda! I happened to run across your blog "coincidently" but I think it was probably more of a "God thing." ;) I was really touched by your March 16th posting about compassion. Wow, you articulated it all so well. Ditto to everything! In March I returned to the States after serving as a nurse in a rural Kenyan hospital for a year, but my heart is calling me back to East Africa (I just booked my flight, June 13th, yay!) I wish you the best in discerning where God is leading YOU after graduation. Trust in Him and His Plan! ;)