Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally here :)

After almost 38 hours of travel, I landed in Entebbe, Uganda at 2:30 early this morning.  The trip over was surreal and even as we landed, we couldn't believe we were really here!  Our school is  2 hours from the airport, so some of the program's staff members  took us to a nearby convent to stay the night.  A cold shower has never felt so good!  After getting a couple hours of real sleep, we had a busy day that included stopping in Kampala on our way to the university.  The campus is beautiful and very large, which we have already seen a lot of it on a tour.  I am here with a great group of American students- there are 24 of us, 21 girls and 3 guys.  Exactly half will be living in the dorms and the other half will be living with families in town.  It is 9pm here now and I am completely unpacked and settled in my dorm room.  My roommate's name is Laura and we live in Winfred Brown which is a women's honors college dorm that has eight rooms.  Down the hall are two more girls from our program, as well as another American who is an international student here.  We've met two other girls living here, Helen, our RA, and Viola.  We should be meeting the rest this weekend as classes start Monday so everyone will be back by Sunday.  Our dorm also has a common room, wi-fi, and a bathroom/laundry room.  The other USP (uganda studies program) students are in two other dorms in the honors college on the same hillside as well.  Already, I love being here and know it will be a great 4 months that will fly by!


  1. Glad you have finally arrived-wow what a long trip! Sounds like these 4 months will be packed with fun and new experiences-(mashed bananas)...for dinner??
    WE LOVE YOU! Have fun and remember to study-

  2. Amanda:

    Great to here that you are getting off to a fas, exciting start. We have been to Brady and Trenton's basketball games this morning (both of their teams won) and going to the ShowCards opening performance tonight with your mom and Abigail. Getting ready for Grandma's 90th birthday party this afternoon also;celebration is tomorrow afternoon.

    Have a great day and savor your ecperiences.

    Papa and Mimi

  3. Hi Amanda! So glad to know you're safely there and already enjoying the adventure :) Maria is settling in at YWAM Jacksonville also, and has 3 roommates so far, from Switzerland, CA and WA. She hopes to start a blog as well. I'll be checking in on yours, as well as hers and Steph's. It will be my fulltime job :)
    Love, Karen

  4. Great to hear from you Amanda! Sounds like your travel wasn't exactly as planned, but travel is always unpredictable, isn't it? Glad to hear your wi fi is working, so we'll look forward to communicating via email. Off to Grandma's party this afternoon--we'll miss having you there! Too bad we couldn't skype from there! Aunt Natalie