Friday, January 15, 2010

So much to say...

I'm not sure where to even begin, except to say that this semester will not only be a lot of fun, but really will be a chance to me to process big "real-world" questions.  I like all of my classes a lot, but even the teaching style will be stretching because everything is discussion and paper based.  There will also be reading and some lectures, but no tests over the material.  Unfortunately, I prefer tests and do not like to talk in class because I tend to be more introverted as I process through information and my thoughts.  But because of the material and issues we will be discussing, this format really will have more of an impact on us and force us to more deeply consider things.
I already have begun to feel at home here, and it feels like I have known several of my fellow USP students much longer than just one week.  We have already ventured off campus and are able to navigate around Mukono, the local town, and even to Kampala on public taxis by ourselves.  Tomorrow morning all the American students who chose to live in the dorms for the semester will be moving in with local families for the next two weeks.  I am excited to get to live with a family and get to know them!
The people I am here with are great- and I am so thankful that I am rooming with Laura!  It has been great because we are able to relate really well and have already grown close, and are even going to practice with the university's track team together.  It has been nice to be able to talk through everything that we are experiencing together, but also with others in our group.  I also can't wait to get to know the Ugandans we are living with better.  We have spent some time with them, and last night even had a party together, but it will be fun as we live and travel together throughout the next couple of months.  Many of the Americans, including myself, have joined their Fellowship on Wednesday mornings so that will be yet another chance to deepen those friendships.  Our party was a great introduction to the group as a whole because we all introduced a partner, then shared in worship and dinner together.  After meeting people sporadically, it will be nice to at least recognize most people in Honors College from now on.

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