Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend by the Nile

This weekend was amazing, and its times like this that make you wonder how amazing study abroad programs are- I was required to go on a retreat with 11 other Americans and 50 some Ugandan students that we live with in Honors College!  We spent all of yesterday and most of today at a resort in Jinja, right by the source of the Nile River and Lake Victoria!  It was a lot of fun as we started to get to know a lot more people because the weekend was geared towards bonding.  Plus there was always swimming and a boat ride because our location was pretty amazing...  Not only that, but it was nice to have different food and it just felt like a vacation or camp in some exotic place.  We got to play a lot of games and hang out, as well as a worship time this morning.  And our rooms had hot showers which was incredible!  It was a great time and helped myself and the other USP students get plugged back in, as well as meeting many of the Honors College students after spending two weeks living with our home stay families.  This morning we got up early to watch the sun rise over the lake and just marvelled at how beautiful everything was.  Even though life here is starting to feel pretty normal, sometimes it just hits me how surreal and amazing it is to be in Africa and I never imagined it would be this pretty or incredible.  And then there are other things that just keep life interesting like the giant bug that juts flew on me and my roommate and I had to take outside :)

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